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About Eagle Bridges

Since 1953, Eagle Bridges Company has served public and private entities by providing high-performance, industrial coatings. Our coatings have been designed to help organizations meet their quality, efficiency and profit goals, while responding to their environmental requirements. Several of our customers utilize custom formulations, tailor-made precisely for their needs. For these institutions, Eagle Bridges listened to their needs and assisted them in selecting, developing and applying high outstanding industrial coatings. Eagle Bridges can help you achieve your ideal future as well.

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Products Offered

Industries Served

Waste Equipment

Eagle Bridges manufactures high performance, environmentally friendly coatings that help your organization meet the appearance, durability and environmental compliance goals.

Structural Fabrication

Eagle Bridges formulates and manufactures high quality, primers and topcoats to meet your production, performance and quality needs.

Miscellaneous Fabrication

Eagle Bridges provides excellent, fast-drying coatings that stand up to harsh use in a variety of environments, helping you meet your appearance and durability needs.

Ornamental Iron

Eagle Bridges provides a variety of high performance coatings for the decorative iron industry. Eagle Bridges has a coating to help satisfy your needs.


Eagle Bridges provides cost-effective, highest-quality coatings to meet your particular needs, Eagle Bridges has a coating to satisfy your customers and maximize your production.

Heavy Equipment

This industry requires cost effective and durable coatings to provide quality and life to your equipment. We have a coating for you.


Eagle Bridges provide excellent single component and catalyzed coatings that can handle demading quality needs to keep your equipment protected and looking great.


Eagle Bridges coatings provide the protection that your railcards require. Contact us with your particular needs.

Advertising Structures

Eagle Bridges understands that you need to provide maximum value to your advertisers with a great appearance, while using an environmentally friendly coating. Let us help.

Agricultural Equipment

With excellent chemical-resistant coating systems, Eagle Bridges can help with the durability and marketability of your equipment.

Marine & Intermodal Containers

Providing excellent corrosion resistance and appearance, Eagle Bridges can help you maximize your profit by increasing the life and appearance of your containers.

Trucking Equipment

With coating systems bodies and frames, Eagle Bridges will help you reach your goals by helping you to better protect and beautify your truck equipment.

Industrial Containers

Eagle Bridges has high performance coatings for the packaging industry that can meet your particular needs. Contact us let us help you with your needs.

Pallet Racks

With fast-drying, high performance solvent and water-based enamels, Eagle Bridges has a coating to meet your application process.

Insulation and HVAC

Eagle Bridges-Marathon has adhesives, sealants and coatings that provide the best value product for the specific project needs.