Our Mission

Mission – Why We Exist

We exist to assist our customers in selecting, developing, and applying industrial coatings that help them to be more profitable.

Vision – What We Want to Be

We strive to be the most customer responsive supplier of high-performance industrial coating solutions to industrial applicators in the Southeastern United States.

Values – The Guiding Principles of Our Conduct

We aim to treat each other the way we want to be treated.

For our Customers, this means telling them the truth in all situations and engaging in our best efforts for the success of their organization by creating win-win solutions

For our Employees, this means taking personal action and responsibility to achieve the agreed upon results. Our interaction should be fair, respectful, generous, and positive.

For our Vendors, this means creating and demanding a win-win collaboration where we honor our commitments to each other.

For Owners, this means creating and nurturing a fair return of the owner’s investment of resources and time, thereby allowing all stakeholders to prosper.