Our Mission

Mission – Why We Exist

We exist to assist our customers in selecting, developing, and applying industrial coatings that help them to be more profitable.

Vision – What We Want to Be

We strive to be the most customer responsive supplier of high-performance industrial coating solutions to industrial applicators in the Southeastern United States.

Values – The Guiding Principles of Our Conduct

Eagle Bridges seeks to Respond With Speed and Kindness.  It is our hope to assist our customers by executing orders as quickly as possible while creating a world-class experience, like no other

Our staff endeavors to Create The Win-Win, by using our gifts and abilities to provide products and services with excellent value

Our company seeks to earn your Trust by doing what we say we will do.  We speak and act with integrity and authencity to promote your confidence in us.  It matters to us

With a strong belief in the high-value of each person, Eagle Bridges seeks to Love People by caring for our employees, customers and vendoras by treating them as we would like to be treated.  This is a guiding principle for all that we do!