Attachment Coatings

Much more than a paint to cover your product until it touches the Earth, our high-performance coatings for attachments were designed to please your dealers, stand out at trade shows and improve your quality and profitability.   Through improved speed of dry and appearance, our formulas will help you produce and sell more of your product.  Details about specific formulas can be found below:


5116 Premium Fast Dry Enamel

3226 Flat Black, Corrosion Resisting Enamel

4348 Low Gloss, Fast Dry Enamel

5206 Zero VOC Waterborne Acrylic Enamel

4984 TAC Guard, Fast Dry Water-Reducible Enamel

3590 Full Gloss, Water-Reducible Enamel

4360 Low Gloss, Water-Reducble Enamel